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 Internships are open to undergrad and graduate level students. The internship is an unpaid position. Internships are available for fall (September-November, spring (February-April), and summer (June-August) For more information, call 215-248-1150, or email  

GEM Interns

Fall Intern 2018-2019



Jordan Weinles is currently a student at Chestnut Hill College majoring in Political Science and minoring in Global Affairs, and is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha and Sigma Iota Rho honor societies. He became involved with Global Education Motivators after hearing about the program in one of his classes. Since then he has learned much about the United Nations and has been very interested in the Sustainable Development Goals. He has an interest in international economics, international politics, world history, geography, and international business and has learned much about the topics via an internship at Global Education Motivators. His interests and hobbies include watching films and documentaries, as well as sleeping and eating ramen, potato chip and hot chocolate.