Student Leadership Conference On Development 2019


About The Conference

 Important Conference Dates:
- February 15, 2019 Leadership Training in New York, USA
- February 18, 2019 International Videoconference with Select Videoconferencing Sites and UN   Headquarters 

 Levels of Participation -  


  • Online via Webcast and Social Media Platforms
  • Onsite at Selected Videoconference Sites Worldwide
  • United Nations Headquarters in New York

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To apply for a Leadership Role in New York, click here.
To Register to be a Delegate, click here.
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 Conference Premise and Background - SLCD 2019 is a student leadership conference with students working together across cultures to be part of the solution for having peace, security and sustainable development in our ever-changing world.  

Participants will work on-line via Facebook groups to prepare and participate as international student leaders and delegates in the UN Student Leadership Conference on Development.  Students participate at the United Nations, selected videoconferencing sites, or by webcast during UNSLCD.

Students can register to be student leaders at the United Nations and can work towards leadership roles to run this international student conference.

 View the archived video and read the plan of action from 2015 here.  

Resources and background Materials

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