GEM PAst Interns

Fall 2018


 Shanti Panza is a Senior at Chestnut Hill College pursuing a double major in International Relations and Political Science as well as a double minor in French and European studies. Shanti Panza is committed to sustainable development of nations as well as humanitarian work. She hopes to pursue a career within this field after graduation.  .

Summer 2018


  Adel is working toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management at Chestnut Hill University, with a minor in Accounting. Before attending Chestnut Hill, he worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  as an Administrative Coordinator for the Seder Group. Prior to that, Adel worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a travel consultant and events coordinator for Al-Fursan Travel Agency. After graduation, Adel hopes to work in Human Resources, Contracts, or Event Coordination.  

Fall 2018


 Jeffrey Ast is graduating chestnut hill college in December of 2018. He will be graduating with a degree in global affairs as well as a double minor in business administration and international business