United Nations

Program Title:
The United Nations: Myth vs Reality

Program Length: 45 minutes – 60 Minutes

Program Availability: Monday-Friday during the school day

Cost per Program: $150

Education Grade Level(s): Grades 5 – 12

Program Description:
Purpose of the program is to provide a needed understanding of what the United Nations is and is not. Presenter will look at the formation of the UN in context with WW1, the League of Nations and WW2. Emphasis is on understanding the UN today through the reasons for its creation and how the UN functions today. The program starts with a 20 minute interactive background presentation on the United Nations followed by Q&A and getting their ideas on how the UN can better serve their 21st century world.

About the Presenter: Wayne Jacoby is co-founder of Global Education Motivators. He was a career social studies teacher who worked with the UN in a variety of ways. His experience at the UN spans more than 30 years.

Program Resources:
Visit - www.un.org

Vocabulary Words:
Sovereignty: The independent authority of a state.
League of Nations: 1st world organization created in early 20th Century to help bring about peace and security to the world.
United Nations Charter: The constitution of the UN. It states how the UN operates.
General Assembly:The parliament of the world. Each country, large or small has one vote.
Secretariat: One of the six principal organs of the United Nations and it is headed by the United Nations Secretary-General It carries out the daily work of the UN.
Security Council: One of the six principal organs of the UN and its decisions are binding on all countries in the UN
International Court of Justice: One of the six organs of the UN. It is the World Court for member states of the United Nations.
NGOs: Non-Governmental Organizations are organized components of civil society that play an increasingly large role at the UN.

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