UN in Your World 2011

United Nations in Your World
International Videoconference Series:

The United Nations in Your World 2011 – 2012 GEM believes that an important part of global education is
  (1) Learning about the *United Nations and its work and
  (2) Providing opportunities for young people across cultures to learn from each other.

This year our emphasis in the UN in Your World international series is concentrates on the work being done by the United Nations and the global community to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Part One: UN Perspectives on the MDGs
Wednesday, February 8th
Time: 1:00-2:30PM (EST)
UN Speaker One: Bill Yotive Manager/Global Teaching and Learning Project./DPI (invited)
UN Speaker Two: Jim Sniiffen/Information Officer/UN Environment Program

Part Two: The MDGs: Are They Truly Eradicating Extreme Poverty?
Date: Wednesday, March 14th
Time: 10:00AM – 11:30AM (EDT)
UN Speaker: Daniela Gregr/UN Development Program(UNDP) Policy Advisor (invited)

Part Three: MDG 7 Water for Life: Making it Happen
Date: Wednesday, April 11th
Time: 11:30AM -1:00PM (EDT)
UN Speaker: Gonzalo Pizarro/UNDP/MDG Support Team (invited)

Part Four: Assessing the MDGs, Predicting the Future
Date: Wednesday, May 2nd
Time: 1:00AM – 11:30PM (EDT)
UN Speaker: Douglas Gardner, Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Director, Bureau for Development Policy/UNDP (invited)

* GEM offers a separate one class period session on the United Nations: Myth vs Reality with related pre and post resources.

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