UN Teachers' Conference

9th Annual United Nations Conference on Teaching Peace and Human Rights
The Future We Want - A Better World
Through Human Rights Learning

March 15, 2013

This conference will bring together teachers, administrators, future teachers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for a global dialogue on integrating peace and human rights education into the classroom. Teachers will dialogue with their colleagues from different parts of the world to create a plan of action on how they will promote Human Rights Learning in their own schools. 

ducators in Kenya, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, and the US will be joined together for this all day videoconference program. 

When: Friday March 15, 9:30AM - 2:30PM

Where: Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia PA
               Burnaby School District, Burnaby, BC
               Colegio Carol Baur, Mexico City, MX
               Maasailand, Kenya
               University of Manila, Manila, Philippines


What: Participants will develop a plan of action that they will commit to incorporate into their own classroom. In the spring of 2014, participants will reconvene to share their progress. These projects and progress will be presented to the United Nations either at the United Nations, or at one of the videoconference sites.

About the Theme, The Future We Want:
The theme - The Future We Want - comes from the Rio+20 conference held in June 2012. Focusing on sustainable development world leaders met to take steps toward a sustainable future. Through this conference, world leaders adopted an outcome document with many goals, all looking toward The Future We Want.

As a result of this conference, The Future We Want has become a rallying point for all focus areas at the United Nations. By looking towards the Future We Want, we can set a course to achieve that future together.

We will be modeling our conference in much the same way as Rio+20. Educators will look toward the Future We Want and develop actionable steps that they can take to achieving that future.

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This Event is Made Possible through the Support of:
University of Pennsylvania's African Studies Center

Cost for Participation, Including Lunch: $25

If you would like to participate, please contact GEM at gem@chc.edu or 215-248-1150

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