UN Day

Global Education Motivators Presents:

The Twenty-First Annual
United Nations Day 2016

The Sustainable Development Goals:
Happiness: Good Health and Well being
AboutOutline of the Day - Background Materials - Registration Form

Where: Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA
When: Tuesday, 25 October, 2016
Time: 9:30AM – 2:00PM
Students: Grades 8-12

What: Students will work together on a sub theme of their choosing:
Each theme is focusing on Happiness: Good Health and Well being
(a) Air Quality
(b) Self Image
(c) Domestic Abuse

 About Event:  

Secondary school students from the Greater Philadelphia area will meet at Chestnut Hill College to prepare to support the Sustainable Development Goals.  Students will be prepared to move from words to deeds and engage in activities in their own communities to support sustainable development.

Students will:

-    Become more aware of the Sustainable Development Goals and their impact on the future  
-    Videoconference with the United Nations 
-    Discuss in small groups ways students can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
-    Learn about the UN Student Leadership Conference on Development
-       Broaden perspectives on how to end poverty


 Outline of the Day:

 9:30AM    Registration
 9:45AM    Orientation and Welcome
 10:00AM    Opening Plenary – Keynote Speaker
 11:15AM    Breakout Sessions, for students and teachers
 12:30PM    Lunch
 1:15PM    Afternoon Plenary – Students report on Breakout sessions
 1:50PM    Closing
 2:00PM    Dismissal


Teachers will receive a background document with pre-program materials.


Introduction to Happiness and the Sustainable Development Goals
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Subtheme A - Domestic Abuse     2017_Subtheme_A_Domestic_Abuse.docx
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Subtheme B - Air Quality     2017_Subtheme_B_Air_Pollution.docx
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Subtheme C - Self Image     2017_Subtheme_C__Self_Image.docx
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Cost: Program and materials with lunch: $20 per student
(Please make checks payable to Global Education Motivators)


Registration Form:

United Nations Day - Pennsylvania

Use this form to do the initial registration of your school. We will contact you to get the names and chosen subthemes of your students.

Name of School:
Name of Educator:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Grade Level(s):
Number of Students:


For more information and to register contact:

Global Education Motivators (GEM)     Tel: (215) 248-1150
 Chestnut Hill College    Fax: (215) 248-7056
 9601 Germantown Avenue    Email: gem@chc.edu
 Philadelphia, PA 19118    URL: www.gem-ngo.org
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