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UN Day will be held on October 25, 2017.

Registration will begin 9AM.

Make checks payable to Global Education Motivators. Cost is $15 per student.

Please be sure to submit a list of your student names with their subtheme selections to

Subthemes are:

(A)    Migration Caused by Climate Change           
(B)    Educating on the Reality of Climate Change       
(C)    Climate Change and Scientific Advancement

Upcoming Events

World Environment Day Program Streamable Learning "How the Climate Change Effects You"
June 4, 2018

Global Solutions Lab
Human Rights, Sustainable Development and
Eliminating Extreme Poverty in Urban Environments by 2030

June 17-25, 2018

From Independence to Interdependence Summer Camp 2018
July 16-July 20, 2018

Select Global and Educational Events:

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Good News Agency
Learn about Positive Efforts Around the World and be Inspired

Lesson Plans on the Sustainable Development Goals -
World's Largest Lesson

Lesson Plans and Resources for Teaching Primary Sources with the Library of Congress
Effects of Armed Conflict on Children

New Distance Learning Program
Live from Ukraine