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Lesson Plans Developed by Participants at the Teaching Primary Sources Workshops coordinated by GEM

Lesson Plan 1 - The Use of Children in Armed Conflicts
Lesson_Plan_- Use of Children in Armed Conflicts.docx
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Lesson Plan 2 - Can Middle School and High School Students Made a Change in the World?
Lesson_Plan_-_Can Students Make a Change.docx
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       - Write Around Instructions to Use in Conjunction with this Lesson Plan
Instructions for a Write Around.docx
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Lesson Plan 3 - Child Soldiers - From the Mouths of Babes

Lesson_Plan - Child Soldiers - From the Mouths of Babes.docx
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Lesson Plan 4 - Children in Armed Conflict
Lesson_Plan - Children in Armed Conflict.docx
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Write Around on Children in Armed Conflict Using Resources on the Library of Congress Website
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Resources for Teaching Primary Sources

Primary Source Analysis Tools and Organizer:
Black Analysis Tool
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Analyzing Books and Printed Texts
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Analyzing Manuscipts
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Analyzing Maps
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Analyzing Sheet Music
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Analyzing Sound Recordings
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S.T.A.R. Primary Source Analysis Tool
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Bibliographic Organizer
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Archived Webcasts on the Library of Congress website Pertaining to Children in Armed Conflict:

Omekongo Dibinga -
The African, The American
Richard Lobban - Sudan and South Sudan
Brian Wakley -
Waging Peace: Building a New Life in Chad after Conflict for the Victims of Darfur

Children and Armed Conflict Resources:

Background Information_Children and Armed Conflict and the Security Council.doc
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UNICEF - Six Grave Violations
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The Paris Principles - Principles and Guidelines for Children Association with Armed Forces and Armed Groups
The Paris Principles.pdf
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Working with Primary Sources:
Fair Use Checklist:
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Working with Primary Sources - The How and Why
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Primary Sources and the Common Core:
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