Three Part Professional Development Series -
Teaching the Effects of Armed Conflict on Children using Primary Sources from the
Library of Congress

This three part series can be done any time online via or can be done live via videoconference or skype connection.

Each session is 1 hour long. They can be done all in one day, or spread out over the course of several days or weeks.

Who: Educators for grades 6-12

What: Three Options for the Series
           Online course, which can be viewed any time
           Interactive videoconference(s), which can be scheduled at mutually agreeable time
           On site at your school, BOCES, Intermediate Unit, library, district, college, university, other
           educational networks

How: Contact Sabrina Cusimano at or 215-248-1150 to set up this series

Online Course:
Participants in the online course will view the prerecorded video of each of the sessions and then participate in the online course supported online
Cost per group: $300

Interactive Videoconference:
Schedule the interactive videoconference at a time that fits your group's schedule. Can be done morning, afternoon, or evening. This program can be done via traditional videoconference equipment or via an online platform such as Skype.
Cost per group: $450

Onsite Program:
Bring this program to your site for an unforgettable experience. A three hour window will be needed to complete the onsite workshop. Presenters Sabrina Cusimano and Denis Okema are available to sites in the mid-Atlantic region - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Delaware, and New York. Please contact us if you are outside of this region.
Cost per person: $45 (10 person minimum), plus travel expenses

Session 1 - Using the Library of Congress Website
In Session 1, you will be introduced to the Library of Congress website and learn about the various sections - all with a focus on the Effects of Armed Conflict on Children.

Session 2 - Personal Perspectives with Denis Fred Okema
In Session 2, former child soldier Denis Okema reflects on his experiences in the Uganda Peoples Defense Army and discusses how to use the Library of Congress website to teach about his experiences, and other experiences like his.

Session 3 - Making Connections - TPS Teachers Network
In Session 3, you will learn how to connect with other teachers on the TPS Teachers Network. This interactive site allows you to collaborate with teachers, join groups, post pictures and videos, share ideas, and benefit from the experience of other educators.

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