Study Travel Reunion

GEMQUEST..... 30 Years Later

GEM conducted many study travel trips throughout the 1980's and 1990's. The first trip was to Japan in 1983.

On May 7, 2013, a thirty-year reunion was held by a group of predominantly Upper Dublin School District teachers who participated in GEM’s first study travel experience. It was a National Education Association sponsored teacher exchange to Kagoshima, Japan during the summer of 1983.

GEM’s involvement came as a result of providing the cultural sensitivity workshops for the trip. It included several days of experiential learning to understand how to live in a traditional Japanese home, an extensive tea ceremony experience and other cultural programs.

At the time Wayne Jacoby, GEM's President, was still teaching at Springfield HS and working part time at GEM at the time of this program. It was his first trip to Japan. This trip developed into the first GEM study-travel trip and led to future trips to Japan, India, Australia-New Zealand, China, and Hawaii. Wayne was an integral part of the development all of the trips.


 2013 Reunion
Left to Right Sidnie Harris, Eleanor Smith, Sue Whitlock, Sylvia Holteen, Barbara Ritter, Barbara Peoples, Jean Badger, Wayne Jacoby (GEM), and Harriet Graffious.
 1983 Trip
Left to Right Sue Whitlock, Barbara Ritter, Barbara Peoples, Carol Theis, Jean Badger, and Harriet Graffious

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