About GEM Schools
GEM works with many wonderful schools in the US and around the world. We work with schools on single programs, as well as full year projects.

GEM is honored to work with schools and students who have dedicated their time and efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, promote Human Rights, and make the world a better place. Below are a few of the schools with which we work and the projects they have undertaken.

South Seneca Middle School:
The mission of South Seneca is to work together as a community to support, encourage, and provide opportunities for middle school children as they grow and change. No teacher personifies that more than Gertrude Shaffer, who works throughout the year to bring Human Rights learning and projects to her students.

Fundraising projects include bake sales, sport tournaments, “Cardboard City Overnight” (an overnight in cardboard shelters with sponsors), snack shack, bottle and can redemption, ‘wear-a-hat-day’ and donations from local businesses. Through those fundraisers, the following donations have been given since 2007: Lost Boys of Sudan, $1,300; Global Run Water Project for Uganda, $10,000; Seneca County Habitat for Humanity, $4,245; UNICEF, $250; Rwanda’s Mizero (Hope Fund), $3,000; SEVA (Native Americans), $250; Juba, Sudan “Walk for Water, $3500; Maasai, Kenya Salvage Good Outreach Organization, $4,550.50; and Trees for Tanzania, $800.

May 2012 News Article about South Seneca's efforts

West Catholic High School:
West Philadelphia Catholic High School has a long tradition dating back to 1916. The Christian Brothers continue the Lasallian spirit of community, faith, and service for the good of others. West Catholic students participate in many GEM programs through the school year.

A West Catholic student, Christy McCaffrey, lost her mother to Scleroderma. She created Project Scleroderma - a tribute to her mother to raise awareness for Scleroderma, and share the stories of patients struggling globally. Learn more about Project Scleroderma: Beneath the Surface here.
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April 19, 2017

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