Parveen Kassim

In Memoriam - Parveen Kassim

A few short weeks after this years Teacher's Conference, the GEM family, and the entire Global Education Community lost a friend and woman who inspired all of us in our quest for global communication and human rights. Staunch supporter of global education, Parveen overcame so many obstacles to ensure that her students and teachers were able to participate in dozens of international videoconference programs. We will all miss her spirit and dedication.

***Click here to read a special tribute written by friend and colleague, Aaliya Bondrey***

Here are some quotes from those who had the honor to work with Parveen:
"Those of us at Passaic Valley Regional High School who have worked with Parveen in the past are very saddened to hear of her passing. She was a wonderful person and educator who saw the importance of exchanging knowledge and cultures with other countries around the world. I am sure she will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Our sympathy goes out to her family and friends." - Matthew Conforth, Passaic Valley High School

"Words cannot express the sadness I feel at the loss of Parveen. She was such a blessing to the global community. I loved to hear her cheerful voice on the other end of our videoconference programs. She overcame so many obstacles and continually fought to bring education opportunities to her students and beyond. She was a crusader and an innovator, but most of all, she was our friend." - Sabrina Cusimano, Director of Programs, GEM

"This is to express how sad we are to  hear of the death of Parveen Kassim.  She was always a great example of person and educator. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. " - Dra. Sandra Maldonado Baur, ,

About Parveen Kassim:
Parveen Kassim was the founder of Karachi HS in Karachi, Pakistan.  Created in 1985 as a private high school for children of the common man, established to provide quality education equal to educating children of the elite. Mrs. Kassim was also the creator of the well known International Schools’ Educational Olympiad (ISEO).  ISEO provides a variety of Ed-Ventures and has now grown to include hundreds of schools and invites students to participate in everything from quiz competitions, film making, drama, vocals, photography and a cyber fair as well as other categories. She established one of the first school websites in Pakistan, and the school has been doing videoconferencing for ten years. She also brought real world, real time experiences to her students and teachers through participation in various United Nations video conferences, despite the large time difference for participation in Pakistan.

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