GEM Partners

GEM has partnered with many local, national, and international organizations in order to continue our mission of bringing real world, real time cross-cultural experiences to our schools and community.


African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania

The African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania is recognized as a vital and forward-looking center where researchers, students and cultural and business entities come to gain knowledge of contemporary and historical Africa. The Center coordinates a wide range of course offerings in anthropology, demography, economics, history, language, literature, politics, religion, and sociology. Specialized issues are addressed through the University’s research programs, professional schools, and interdisciplinary centers. The geographic interests of Penn Africanists span the continent -- including Francophone and Islamic countries -- and extend to the African diaspora throughout the world. Faculty and staff share a commitment to a broad, integrated approach to the study of African people, their institutions, and the wider world where they now reside.

African Studies Center website



BigPictureSmallWorld Inc. is dedicated to providing quality educational, training, and consulting programs that inform, inspire and empower. We work with schools, colleges, corporations, and organizations around the world. Our mission is to turn information overload into sensible knowledge that leads to effective action. More specifically, we seek to motivate and excite students, executives, and others about the wonders and challenges of the global predicament and how we can participate in shaping the world to match our values. We use simulations, games, web movies, lectures, assemblies, teacher development, consulting, books, and curriculum materials toward this purpose.

BigPictureSmallWorld website

  Burnaby School District

Burnaby schools reflect the increasingly global nature of the community, with more than 4,000 students enrolled in English Language Learning programs. Such diversity has brought rich cultural benefits to Burnaby's communities and schools. The district continues to promote the ideals of multi-culturalism through its established policies and numerous school-based initiatives which promote cultural respect and understanding. The Burnaby School District has been a part of GEM programs for over 10 years. Their students, teachers, and administrators have participated in hundreds of GEM videoconferences. Burnaby Schools participate in the UN Student Conference on Human Rights, UN Teachers Conference on Human Rights, UN Day, UN in Your World, among many others.

Burnaby School District website
Fundacion Cultural Baur

Fundacion Cultural Baur is a place where new generations - through reason and justice - are committed to serving humanity and working for human rights in the transformation of its society responsible for the conservation of the planet.

Fundacion Cultural Baur website


Multicultural Youth eXchange (MYX)

MYX is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youth explore cultural diversity and social issues relevant to all people. MYX uses the creative, collaborative nature of art to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to be empathetic, engaged and socially-responsible citizens at home and around the world. MYX was founded in direct response to the tragedies of September 11, 2001. It is our belief that culturally-sensitive youth are the hope for a future society free of intolerance.

Multicultural Youth eXchange website

  Project for Nuclear Awareness

Project for Nuclear Awareness seeks to end the global threat of nuclear weapons by educating the public and lawmakers about the real danger of nuclear weapons, the need for nuclear disarmament, and the urgent necessity of nuclear non-proliferation.

Project for Nuclear Awareness website

  United Nations Academic Impact

Academic Impact is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in actively supporting ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, literacy, sustainability and conflict resolution. The Academic Impact also asks each participating college or university to actively demonstrate support of at least one of those principles each year.

United Nations Academic Impact website
  United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia

We are an organization that advocates human rights and UN mission for peace. We strive to embody the mantra, "Think globally, act locally." We hope that our actions as an organization spurs on members of Greater Philadelphia region to do the same.

United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia website

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