Partners and Schools

GEM has had the privilege of working with many wonderful Partners and Schools since 1981.

About GEM Partners:
GEM has worked with NGOs, School Districts, UN Agencies, Museums, Institutions of Higher Learning, and more.

Would you like to partner with GEM for a program or project? Please get in touch with us here.

About GEM Schools:

Within the United States, GEM works with hundreds of schools annually. Schools can do a single program with GEM, or plan an entire year of events with GEM.

GEM has worked with schools in more than 30 countries. Current collaborations with schools overseas include schools in Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Egypt, Kuwait, and more.

Upcoming Events


Student Leadership Conference on Development - Presentation of Plan of Action
April 2018

World Autism Awareness Day Program - Streamable Learning
March 30, 2018

Lost Boys of Sudan
Streamable Learning Program

May 1, 2018
World Environment Day Program Streamable Learning "How the Climate Change Effects You"
June 4, 2018

Global Solutions Lab
Human Rights, Sustainable Development and
Eliminating Extreme Poverty in Urban Environments by 2030

June 17-25, 2018

Select Global and Educational Events:

International Women's Day
March 8, 2018

Engaging Students in International Issues Workshop
March 17, 2018

GEM Highlights
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World's Largest Lesson

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Effects of Armed Conflict on Children

New Distance Learning Program
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