PaCIE Conference 2016

PaCIE Conference 2016
Building Bridges in Global Education

Presentation by GEM Director of Outreach and Curriculum
October 7, 2016 - 2:00PM in the Chestnut Room
Ladder of Prejudice: Name Calling to Genocide
Gertrude Noden, Global Education Motivators

The Ladder of Prejudice is a framework that describes intolerance from name calling to genocide.  In his book, The Nature of Prejudice, Gordon W. Allport uses the metaphor of a ladder to describe how “little acts”, which often go unnoticed, can lead to more serious and disruptive individual and collective behaviors.  This framework describes, in ascending order, five “rungs” of intolerance and injustice: speech, avoidance, discrimination, physical attack, extermination.

In this workshop teachers will have opportunity to apply the Ladder of Prejudice to literature, identify parallels of prejudice in current events, prepare students discussions about their prejudicial experiences and behaviors, and explore visual art and movement student projects that address prejudice.

About Gertrude Noden:
Gertrude runs the GEM office in Ithaca, NY. Gertrude has a Bachelors of Arts in Literature from Eisenhower College, Seneca Falls, NY; and a Masters of Science in Education from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY 1978.

She has extensive experience in education as she served as the English Language Arts Teacher and Distance Learning Program Director at South Seneca School District for 15 years. During that time she conducted hundreds of onsite and distance learning programs with her students
. Read her complete resume here.

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