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Emphasizing human rights and human development, GEM programs are designed to create substantive experiences for students and teachers to work across cultures, to better understand their world. A major objective of GEM is to move students and educators into action related to the important global issues of our time.

United Nations Day - For the past 19 years, GEM has provided students in grades 8-12 the opportunity to learn more about the work of the United Nations in our interdependent world, particularly in the area of human rights and the Millennium Development Goals. UN representatives present current information related to the selected theme. Students work together to develop ideas and strategies to address current issues. Materials about the theme and sub themes are disseminated prior to the day so that students have a foundation upon which to learn and participate.

The 2014-2015 theme is “ Continuing the Pledge:Sustaining Development Through Environmental Responsibility”. Working with four subthemes: (a) Santitaion and Clean Water (b) Environmental Responsibility in Business (c) Food Security and Development (d) The Impact of Development on Education

UN Educators Conference on Human Rights - This annual conference was created by GEM and is in its 9th year. It provides an opportunity for teachers to broaden their perspective on human rights education as well as teaching about peace. Educators made commitments in 2013 to broaden their teaching of peace and human rights. Educators from Canada, India, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Kuwait the Philippines will present their work to each other in the spring of 2014 from the United Nations and selected sites internationally. Teachers share ideas and build collaborations with teachers from different cultures. Educators from more than 15 countries have participated.

UN Student Conference On Human Rights (UNSCHR) - GEM was invited to help create UNSCHR in 1998 and has continued to help develop this annual conference with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI). This year's event will be a one day student empowerment event on Monday December 8, focusing on volunteerism. The theme will be Youth Activists for Human Rights - Volunteering for a Better World. 

Global Solutions Lab - Developed with BigPictureSmallWorld Inc., students, young professionals and others from around the country and the world have the opportunity, through an intensive eight day lab, to learn from diverse UN representatives related to the annual theme and to develop comprehensive, provable strategies for addressing some of the world's most critical problems. On the final day of the Lab, students present their work at the UN. Participants learn a powerful strategic design and planning methodology, as well as leadership, group processes and problem solving skills. All participants get publication of their work. The 2015 Lab will held June 21-29 (dates tentative) at Chestnut Hill College and the United Nations.

Video Conferences - Communication exchange across cultures has always been central to GEM’s work. Initially through Video Pals (video tape exchanges), to the now real time experience, GEM is active with a variety of programs and events using this technology. From an “Around the World” 24-hour videoconference for a high school in NJ to selected global topics, this is a very active area for GEM. By June of 2014 GEM will have worked with in excess of 3000 students and adult learners through facilitating and presenting to a K-20 and general public audiences.

Some topic examples include: The UN: Myth vs. Reality, The Effect of Armed Conflict on Children, The Millennium Development Goals, No More Business as Usual, Globalization 101, Global Warming, From Independence to Interdependence, Building Peace by Ending Poverty. All of these videoconferences were created by GEM or done in collaboration with others. 

Middle East Programs - GEM is pleased to welcome Abdullah Alsultan to our ranks for the 2014-15 school year. Abdullah will be conducting a collection of videoconferences on Saudi Arabia, Arabs, and the Middle East. These programs range from culture, current events, Arabs in the Media, and education.

African Programs - For more than 10 years, GEM has provided real world experiential learning in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. Currently African nationals, from South Sudan and Uganda, provide this resource through videoconferencing, on-site presentations and teacher staff development. Current emphasis is on refugee issues, child soldiers, human rights, faces of poverty, current development issues, and African culture to bring modern day Africa to students and teachers.

Started by Josh Milan, a high school student at Harriton HS in Lower Merion, PA, GEM helped develop and continue the Refugee Reunion Project that has been responsible for sending several refugees home to be reunited with their family in South Sudan. This year several schools are involved in raising money to send another Sudanese young man home next summer, to reunite with his mother and siblings.

GEM also has a current project working primarily with the South Seneca School District in NY to raise $12,000 to provide a water pump to Joeper Village near Juba in South Sudan. Currently more than 80% of the funds have been collected and in 2014 this project will be completed.

Global Educator Award - Each year since 2005, GEM honors an educator whose work emphasizes human rights and eradicating poverty through global awareness and responsibility in an interdependent world. These educators are from various states in the US, as well as Mexico, Pakistan and Canada.  

To Book any of these programs or for more information, please email cusimano@chc.edu or call 215-248-1150

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