Live from Ukraine

Program Title:
Live from Ukraine - A first-person look inside Ukraine

Presenter: Reno Domenico

Length: 60 - 90 minutes

Availability: By Request - Please note - Due to the time difference the program is only available between 8AM-10AM Eastern Time

System Requirements: This program is available via Skype only

About the Program:
Learn about the up to the minute activity going on inside Ukraine. Students will hear firsthand what is happening on the ground from Reno Domenico who is living and working in the Ukraine. Mr. Domenico has photograph and video links of the events unfolding in recent months and personal accounts of the day-to-day changes impacting people and businesses within the country.

Program Objectives - Students will:

  1. Gain firsthand knowledge of situation in Ukraine, and learn about the history and events leading up to the current situation.
  2. Develop a clear understanding of the social-demographic, socioeconomic, and political underpinnings of the EuroMaidan Revolution.
  3. Effectively analyze the root causes of the EuroMaidan Revolution, and make value judgments regarding the pro and con causes and consequences of the events.
  4. Have the opportunity to ask questions and form their own opinions about the situation in Ukraine


View an Interview with Reno Domenico:

About the Pr
The p
resenter, Reno Domenico, is a former High School Principal who founded the Sterling Business School in the Ukraine. Mr. Domenico will give students a brief history of the Ukraine, an overview of the crisis, and how the day to day changes are impacting people and businesses in the Ukraine. Mr. Domenico lives and works in the Ukraine and will be making the connection to your school direct from Kiev.

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