Global Educator Award

Global Education Motivators' Global Educator Award

Each year, GEM honors an educator that has gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to ensure that their students receive a strong global education foundation. These educators are from various states in the US, as well as Mexico and Canada. We congratulate each of these educators for their tireless work.

    2017-2018 - Meri Dimas
Teacher, Gateway to the Sciences, Jamaica Queens, NY
Ms. Dimas was born, raised, and works in Jamaica, NY. She is a first generation Greek-American and is fluent in both languages. She attended Townsend Harris High School, then Queens College where she received a Bachelor's in History with a Minor in Secondary Education. She continued her graduate work to received a Master's in Special Education and an Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis (Psychology). She pursuing another Advanced Certificate in Educational Leadership. I hope to one day open/ lead my own school.

She began teaching Global History and AP US History at Gateway to the Sciences in 2010. She incorporates Human Rights and Global issues into her curriculum. She believes "its important to not only educate our students, but guide them to become positive contributions to society. Citizenship is important to me, because we are Global citizens, and only collectively, can we leave our society better than we found it". To this end, she leads the United Nations Club at her school. The students work on various neighborhood projects throughout the year- they volunteer in soup kitchens, toy/canned food drives, etc. They also made pinwheels last year to send to Syrian refugees.  

    2016-2017 - Rita Prokopenko
Chairperson, NGO Multinational Georgia for Strengthening Democratic Values
The main goal of the NGO Multinational Georgia For Strengthening Democratic Values is to foster and promote equal education in ethnic minorities, IDPs, socially vulnerable and disabled persons by providing international trainings, seminars and short-termed internship programmes.
2014-15 Recipient - Medard Gabel
Medard Gabel is currently the Executive Director of Pacem in Terris, a grassroots organization that brings people together for the purpose of positive peaceful change on the local, national, and global level. In addition, he is the CEO of BigPictureSmallWorld and is the author of six books on global problems, resources, and strategies.
Medard has conducted workshops, consulted, and given lectures for over 400 corporations, schools and universities, and governments throughout the world. In conjunction with GEM, Medard created the Design Science Lab which is a workshop for developing strategies to address the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

He is creator of the Earth Game, Inc which provides navigation tools for planet earth. Medard is well know for his peace work and strategies to support human development and human rights.

He is the former executive director of the World Game Institute. He worked with Buckminster Fuller for 12 years where he learned the power and utility of whole systems thinking, global perspectives, and a good sense of humor. He has been designing, developing, and delivering experiential educational programs since 1970.

2013-14 Recipient - Rayla Santos (Teacher Sam)
Teacher Sam is the founder of the IamSAM Foundation. S.A.M. stands for Shaker And Mover. A mover and shaker is defined as a person who makes things happen. This is the goal of IamSAM, to inspire women and children to be shakers and movers who make things happen for themselves, and for others - all in the best interest of self and humanity, to take full responsibility for their own evolution. Sam works with schools across the Philippines. She has participated in the Educator's Conference and UN Student Leadership Conference on Development for many years.
2012-13 Recipient - Matthew Conforth
Matthew Conforth has over 40 years experience as a K-12 teacher, school technology coordinator and administrator. From 2002-2012, Matthew served as the Director of Educational Technology at Passaic Valley Regional High School in Little Falls, NJ. Matthew is Co Chair of the K20 Initiative and has served on many local, state, and national technology committees. Matthew has received many awards for his teaching, innovative programs and contributions to the integration of technology. These include the Governor's Teacher Recognition Award, the 2002 Technologist of the Year Award, two NJSBA School Leader Awards, the NJ ELite Exemplary Partnership Award, the MAGNA Award, and now the Global Educator Award.

2011-12 Recipient - Parveen Kassim
Karachi High School, Karachi, Pakistan
Parveen Kassim is the founder of Karachi HS in Karachi, Pakistan.  Created in 1985 as a private high school for children of the common man, established to provide quality education equal to educating children of the elite. Mrs. Kassim is also the creator of the well known International Schools’ Educational Olympiad (ISEO).  ISEO provides a variety of Ed-Ventures and has now grown to include hundreds of schools and invites students to participate in everything from quiz competitions, film making, drama, vocals, photography and a cyber fair  as well as other categories. She established one of the first school websites in Pakistan and has been doing videoconferencing for ten years. She has also brought real world, real time experiences to her students and teachers through participation in various United Nations video conferences, despite the large time difference for participation in Pakistan.

Sadly, just weeks after giving this award, our dear friend and fellow educator Parveen passed away. Read more here.

2010-11 Recipient - Gertrude Shaffer
South Seneca Middle School, Ovid, New York, USA
Gertrude Shaffer,
English teacher in rural Upstate New York, nurtures her students to become world citizens through her innovative Human Rights curriculum. Her Words to Deeds service learning framework encompasses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals’ ideals. International videoconferencing brings the world into her classroom. Gertrude’s extraordinary vision has brought her students’ ideas to fruition through countless humanitarian projects and has shared results with Beta Delta, state universities, and the United Nations.


  2009-10 Recipient - Albert Lee
Byrne Creek Secondary School/Burnaby School District, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Albert Lee, works behind the scenes of many international videoconferences. His support of international programs for schools and has enabled many students from the Burnaby School District to travel electronically to the United Nations and other parts of the world to interact with their peers on global issues. This year’s award was presented to him appropriately on UN Day with GEM representative Sabrina Cusimano in person at his school.


  2008-09 Recipient - Joseph Selfridge
West Catholic High School, Philadelphia, PA USA
Joseph Selfridge
is an inventive and energetic educator who strives to find unique and enlightening global learning opportunities for his students. Mr. Selfridge is the International Studies Program director at West Catholic High School. A former lawyer, a current teacher, and stage actor, Joseph Selfridge is a man of versatility. He is also the Senior’s International Relations Seminar teacher.

  2007-08 Recipient - Chris Carpenter
Sterling High School, Sommerdale, New Jersey, USA
Chris Carpenter
is currently chairperson of the social studies department at Sterling High School. He is a dedicated global educator who involves his students in Model United Nations and various international experiences from videoconferences to on-site international conferences. His students have won many awards over the years for their efforts.

  2006-07 Recipient - Lynn Domenico
St. Joseph High School, Hammonton, New Jersey, USA
Lynn Domenico is a distinguished educator, who adds the Global Educator Award as another feather in her cap of awards which include the Robert J. Kealey Distinguished Principal Award from the National Catholic Education Association ((NCEA) and Best Principals in America award by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). Lynn has been a dedicated supporter of global distance learning programs, being involved in hundreds through her roll as principal of the St. Lawrence Regional School and now the principal at St. Joseph High School.
  2005-06 Recipient -  Doctora Sandra Baur de Rivero Borrell
Colegio Carol Baur, Mexico City, Mexico
Doctora Sandra Maldonado Baur de Rivero Borrell is a distinguished educator from Mexico. Committed to building a Culture of Peace through education, Mtra. de Rivero founded the Baur system of education in 1970. Today, she is the President of the Baur Cultural Foundation and Director-General of the three Carol Baur Schools, two in Mexico City and one in Querétaro. For her outstanding work as an educator, Maestra Sandra has received recognition both nationally and internationally. Among the medals that she has been awarded are the Golden Palms Special Award to Education, the Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Medal, the FEU Medal from Cuba, and the University of Havana Medal.

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