Global Good News

Program Title: Global Good News

Presenter: Medard Gabel

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Availability: By Request

Audience: Grades 8-12; Adults

About the Program:
Since 1950, life expectancy in the world is up nearly 40%; death and birth rates are down 40%; the number of immunized children is up 1400% (basic immunization has saved over 20 million children from all preventable lethal diseases since 1980); smallpox has been eradicated; polio has been reduced by 99%; measles have been reduced by 90%; access to safe drinking water is up 173% since 1970; hunger has been reduced from 25% of the world's population in 1970 to 14% today; literacy levels are up over 100% since the 1950s. These are just a few of the positive trends impacting our world (and that escape most people's notice) that will be covered in this program that puts all the "bad news" we hear about everyday in a positive and life enhancing context.

About Presenter:
Medard Gabel has designed and delivered exciting, involving and interactive programs around the world for GM, IBM, Motorola and over thirty other Fortune 100 companies, as well as the UN, World Bank, U.S. Congress and other governments. He is the author of six highly praised books on global affairs, energy, food, and corporate enterprise. Mr. Gabel is CEO of BigPictureSmallWorld, a company that develops and delivers high impact educational programs on critical topics for event planners, corporations and organizations around the world. His other company, BigPicture Consulting, helps corporations meet real world needs in emerging markets in profitable ways.

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