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About the Global Education Opportunity Program (GEO)
Since 2003, students from a variety of universities, particularly from the US and the UK, have come to the United Nations in Geneva with the intent of increasing the awareness on human rights issues by attending conferences and events at the United Nations and International Organizations.

The students have conducted independent research, helped with UN Conferences and Panels, and presented oral statements at the Human Rights Council. These activities have given students firsthand experiences in dealing with topics such as the human right to peace, women’s right to education, and women’s health issues, among others. By participating in conferences such as the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) and the World Health Assembly (WHA), GEO students have networked with international experts, UN officials, Country ministers and delegates as well as other grassroots organizers from whom they have found to be exceptional mentors.

Students receive first hand experience by glimpsing how the international community develops a plan of action and how UN bodies operate at the international, regional, and local levels. They also enjoy the opportunity to live in Geneva, a international city which serves as the global hub for humanitarian agencies, NGOs, and international organizations.

This program allows participants to integrate their personal areas of interest, such as international relations, health, or gender issues, and learn how it can be applied to different fields of study from the international to the local level, thus expanding their knowledge and expertise.

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Application Information
To apply, download and complete the Global Education Internship Application found here, along with a resume, statement of interest, and references.

Email completed forms to:

Ideal applicants are upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, or recent graduates who studied in or are pursuing degrees related to international relations, public health, international law, or human rights.

Successful applicants will be contacted to schedule a personal interview with the Director of the program.

We have many students who wish to be a part of the GEO program, and that we accept only those who are well prepared and academically qualified, and cannot exceed more than 6 students per term.

You will be engaged in a three-month experience with time spent in Geneva, Switzerland (two months) as well as in another country depending on the selected grassroots project (one month).

Program Structure
The two GEO sessions will be held
• September (HRC in Geneva), October and November (2014)
• May (WHA in Geneva); June (HRC in Geneva) and July into August (2015)

Mandatory morning briefings will be held on a regular basis. A welcome luncheon/dinner will be held during the first week, and a farewell luncheon/dinner will be arranged the week prior to departure for the grassroots experience.

Grassroots Projects
We believe that sustainable development and the empowering of women is most efficient when working with local communities on the ground. During the first few weeks you will need to identify a grassroots project to work with
during the last month of the GEO program. The Director will assist you in this process.

It is not necessary to have your project solidified before you depart for Switzerland. Some of the best projects come
from contacts that are made in Geneva.

Housing Information:
The Director will arrange housing, and will be put you in contact with your host family. Feel free to email them and become acquainted with them before you depart.

Participants in the past have brought gifts for their family from their place of origin, such as photographs of famous landscapes, specialty items made in their country, or books.

Code of Conduct:
During this experience, you will be accredited to an ECOSOC/UN organization and enter the UN under an ECOSOC accredited organization’s invitation and name. You must wear your official badge at all times on UN grounds. A code of conduct letter and contract must be signed and returned via emailed to the GEO Program Director prior to departure to Geneva.

How Will You Benefit From This Program?

One frequently hears or reads about other people’s perspective on the world, but it is rare to get a first-hand experience. With GEO, you will have the opportunity to experience working within a different culture and community, and learn how you can contribute.

You can receive academic credit for your University. Through this experience, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the UN bodies and agencies, particularly in the field of human rights. You will meet with UN officials, diplomats, and other NGO representatives, and participate in numerous international conferences and forums. Geneva, Switzerland is a unique international hub. The GEO program will aid in your future academic and career ambitions, open your eyes to the realities of advocacy and networking, and offers a rich experience helping people, empowering others, and expanding your knowledge.

This is YOUR Experience:
Your experience at the UN will be what you make of it. In order to get the most out of your time here, you will need to be
proactive. There are more meetings and opportunities than you will have time to attend. Find your niche, and what you
want to be focusing on while here and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

You will participate in conferences, UN meetings such as the World Health Assembly, Human Rights Council, and other multilateral meetings as well as work with a variety of International Organizations and NGO’s. This includes helping organize panel discussions and other meetings.

Expenses in Geneva:

The cost for housing will be $400/month, and should be paid in full before departure. An invoice with banking information with be sent for program and housing fees. These costs will need to be paid in full two weeks before your scheduled departure to Geneva.

Living in Geneva tends to be expensive. Prices for food, transportation, and entertainment are much higher than in the United States.

Participant Checklist:

  • Submit resume, letter of intent, and the completed application form to
  • Set-up Personal Interview
  • Submit Code of Conduct form
  • Submit Global Education Opportunity Participant Agreement
  • Send in payment amount on invoice
  • Submit photocopy of passport
  • Obtain at least 6 visa photos for Geneva and Grassroots travel
  • Notify credit card companies and banks to inform that you will be out of the country throughout the GEO Program
  • Pay Program Fees
  • The entire program and housing fees must be paid in full as per banking instructions on the invoice at least two weeks prior to your scheduled departure to Geneva

For more information contact:
Phone: 215-248-1150

Upcoming Events
Coming Soon:
Student Conference on the Paris Agreement

International Day for Peace 2018
September 21, 2018
Student Leadership Conference on Development 2019
February 2019

Select Global and Educational Events:

Human Rights Day
December 10, 2018
United Nations Climate Summit 2019
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