GEM Trip to South Seneca

GEM visits South Seneca Middle School

GEM was honored to be invited to visit South Seneca Middle School. Teacher Gertrude Shaffer coordinated this visit as part of her distance learning class.

GEM staff member Sabrina Cusimano worked with South Seneca students who will be attending the UN Student Conference on Human Rights in December. The students will be presenting their thoughts on the issue of Sustainable Development and Water Issues.

Denis Okema presented his story to each of the English and distance learning classes. Denis spoke to the students about his experiences as a child soldier in Uganda. Students had the opportunity to ask Denis questions about his life in Uganda, his family, what is was like for him to move to America, and more. Denis shared many interesting stories, including how he was abducted, how he escaped, and his schooling at a UNIFAT school.

South Seneca is involved in many humanitarian projects including raising funds for Habitat for Humanity, a local food bank, a water pump in Juba, Sudan, among other projects.

For more information about this visit, or to have a GEM staff member visit your school or organization, contact:

Wayne Jacoby, GEM President at or 215-248-1150

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