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Internships are open to undergrad and graduate level students. The internship is an unpaid position. Internships are available for fall (September-November, spring (February-April), and summer (June-August) For more information, call 215-248-1150, or email

Summer Intern 2018
Adel is working toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management at Chestnut Hill University, with a minor in Accounting. Before attending Chestnut Hill, he worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  as an Administrative Coordinator for the Seder Group. Prior to that, Adel worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a travel consultant and events coordinator for Al-Fursan Travel Agency. After graduation, Adel hopes to work in Human Resources, Contracts, or Event Coordination.

Fall Intern 2016
Elizabeth Legesse is a current sophomore student of Chestnut Hill College, majoring in Psychology and Global Affairs and minoring in French. She aspires to provide psychological guidance and therapy around the world, especially for children and women in war-affected areas. She was born and raised in Asmara, Eritrea and moved to the states at the age of 15 to Lower Merion, PA. As a result, she has cultivated a love for different cultures and all they have to offer, and she hopes to travel to every corner of the world.

As a high school student, Elizabeth was involved in fundraising to build a school in Jokaiya, Nepal, and she also got the chance to spend time with host families during the ground breaking process of the school. Recently, Elizabeth interned and canvassed for Penn Environment’s “Clean Water Rule” campaign. She also interned with PennPIRG, a sister organization to Penn Environment working on “Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics” campaign. Alongside a team, she collected petitions, donations and presented them to the congressman and governors. Elizabeth, now interning with the Global Education Motivators yearns to enrich and grow her future and her goals to make our world a better place.

Summer 2016 Intern:
Emily Doris is a World Scholar at the University of Delaware, where she studies International Relations and Spanish. She is a member of CISV, an international organization focused on peace education. CISV was formerly known as Children’s International Summer Villages. Through CISV, she has participated in, and led, international programs focused on diversity, conflict and resolution, sustainability, and human rights. 

In Fall 2015, she studied in Rome, Italy where she had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful art, local culture, and countless plates of bruschetta and carbonara. After graduation, her goal is to become a Fulbright Scholar and teach English

Summer 2016 Intern:
Milene Mbassa is from Yaoundé, Cameroon. She is a senior at Chestnut Hill College majoring  in Human Services at Chestnut Hill College. She choose GEM for her fieldwork internship because she wants to  explore the issues faced by most citizens around the world.

Milene hopes to gain experience at GEM that will give her more exposure to global problems, and have the opportunity to affect change in our shared environment.

Fall 2015/Spring 2016 Intern:
Cynthia Brian was born in the small town of Wyckoff in Northern New Jersey. Being so close to New York City, she visited the United Nations for class trips throughout her primary and secondary education. Through Cynthia’s life so far, she has had a passion for traveling and learning about the different cultures. During her senior year of high school, she was given an opportunity to volunteer at a small orphanage in Hohoe, Ghana. Going out of her comfort zone, she was thrust into a world that was the opposite of her own. While Cynthia was over there, she realized the hardships within the school system for children who had to learn psychological handicaps. From taking psychology in high school, Cynthia was able to pick up on same major themes talked in class about how mental health can affect the classroom.

From that moment on, she not only created connections abroad, but also set a goal for herself to help those in developing countries who struggle with mental illness, in particular, women and children. When Cynthia came to Chestnut Hill College, the door started to open to make her dream a reality. Cynthia is currently a psychology major with minors in both global affairs and women’s studies. In Cynthia’s second semester year she started to intern with GEM and it has been a big influence in fostering her passion. She hopes to continue to learn about the world we live in, both abroad and domestically.

Fall 2015/Spring 2016 Intern:
Lea Sanders is currently a junior, studying Human Services at Chestnut Hill College.  She came to the United States from Cambodia at the age of 8. She lives on Long Island New York.  Lea is a very ambitious and determined young lady who aspires to help people.  She’s passionate about traveling the world and be immerse in other people’s cultures.  By traveling the world, she hopes to be enlightened, gains insight and finds herself and what she wants to do before trying to help other people.

Lea has been an intern of Global Education Motivators and Save Cambodia for two terms. Save Cambodia is a non-profit organization that encourage Cambodians to STAND and RISE.  She is involved in promoting Cambodians to be proud, to protect and preserve their culture and identity.  Being an intern at GEM she has been involved in Conferences at Chestnut Hill and the United Nations. Working with Global Education Motivators has encouraged her, inspired her and empowered her to achieve her future aspirations. 

Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Intern:
Kejahana Stephens was born in the British Virgin Islands “Tortola”; however, her parents and most of her family is of Jamaican decent. She is a junior at Chestnut Hill College, majoring in Human Services with a minor in Sociology and Criminal Justice. She is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles and make strides in their lives.

In her second semester interning at GEM, she has embraced the “glocal”. Glocal is one of our most used slogans here at GEM it means to think Global but act local. One of her most enjoyable responsibilities at GEM is working with the students at High School for Peace and Social Justice. It was during this particular task that she heard and used the term Glocal the most, while guiding students in coming up with a solution to a problem in their neighborhood that could be applied worldwide. Students later on presented these ideas at the Student Leadership Conference on Development with many other students from all around the world!  Kejahana became one of the GEM Youth Representatives to the UN for 2015.

Summer 2014 Intern:
Emily Yung interned at GEM for the summer of 2014, while a student at the University of Maryland.  As a business major she was involved in several global experiences from a business perspective.  She participated in the GEM/BigPictureSmallWorld Global Solutions Lab at Chestnut Hill College, June 22-30.  She was involved in looking at solutions to fight world hunger and helped developed AntEaters Inc where nutritious insects could be mass produced as one solution. She presented it at the United Nations and her work was published in the current Dessign Science Lab book.  Click here to learn more about the program.

She also helped prepare the materials used in GEM's 2014-2015 UN Student Leadership Conference on Development.   She helped prepare the subtheme topic on Environmental Sustainability in Business.  She ended her internship experience by preparing for, and moderating, a video interview with Dr. David Schwerin on Environmental Sustainability in Businesss.  Watch the video here.

Spring Intern 2013
Abdullah Alsultan is studying Political Science at Chestnut Hill College.  He began his internship at GEM on February 4th for the 2014 spring term.  Part of his work at GEM is to show the world an Arab perspective on education, politics, culture and the role of media in shaping our understanding.  Emphasis will be on Saudi Arabia, where he was born, raised and studied for 12 years.

Abdullah aims to show a broader perspective on how the Arab world looks at Westerners and help students better understand life in the Arab world.  Having lived in two very different cultures helped him understand that large differences between societies or governments does not mean that one  is wrong or bad. As a person who is living between two different countries, cultures and religions, it made him able to understand more the differences and similarities between people.  He believes that education is the solution to make humans understand each other better, especially when they work or play together.

Spring Intern 2013
urrently a senior at Chestnut Hill College, Rachel is finishing her double major in Political Science and French. She was a 2012 participant in the Global Design Science Lab where she was introduced to GEM. After completing a semester at L’Université Paris-Sorbonne in France, Rachel returned to Philadelphia and began working with GEM in September of 2013. She has been involved in the United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development (UNSLCD), connecting with children from countries around the world, aiding in the development of a formal action plan (created by students) to be presented to United Nations officials, as well as conducted a formal interview with documentary film maker, Maggie Betts, at the United Nations Academic Impact conference (UNAI). Rachel is currently one of GEM's two youth representatives to the United Nations. Through her involvement with GEM, Rachel has come to know the comings and goings of a day in the life of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and their substantial presence within the United Nations.

GEM has had a large impact on Rachel in terms of her future career. She hopes to continue her global involvement by working with NGO’s around the world in the pursuit of gaining cross-cultural relationships, peace perspectives in conflict torn areas, as well as utilizing her French in poverty stricken countries comparable to the regions of western Africa and Haiti. Rachel’s future plans include gaining her master’s degree in conflict and peace resolution with a regional concentration on the Middle East as well as learning her third language, Arabic. Rachel retains GEM’s motto to “keep moving forward” and never stop learning in the hopes of a better tomorrow.

Fall Intern 2012

Haruko Takeuchi is from Tokyo, Japan and is a junior at Chestnut Hill College. Haruko is a Psychology major and wants to broaden her knowledge of the world and expand her cultural horizons. She is also interested in gaining more awareness about social and environmental issues so she can make an impact in her world by helping others. In the future, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree to strengthen her skills in communication, time management, knowledge of psychology, leadership and International interpersonal skills. She hopes her experience at GEM will help broaden her global perspectives and help her empower people to make solid decisions concerning their lives.

Spring Intern 2012
Kellie Jingozian is currently a senior at Chestnut Hill College. She is majoring in psychology and plans on attending graduate school next year. While interning with GEM, Kellie will experience the working of an NGO at the United Nations and represent GEM as one of its youth representatives to the UN.   She also hopes to gain an awareness of social and environmental issues and make an impact helping others.

She is also proud of her Armenian descent, and will be writing an article about the Armenian Genocide.

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