Face to Face

Program Title: Face to Face with Poverty

Presenter: Bartolomeo Misana

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Availability: By Request

About the Program:
According to UN statistics, 25,000 children die each day due to poverty related causes. Learn about the reality of poverty both through global statistics and the presenter’s personal story about the poverty situation in Tanzania. Students will learn about the causes and affects of poverty in this East African nation.

Program Format: An action oriented, interactive discussion of a personal poverty experience in the context of poverty as a global issue. Participants will:
1. Review global poverty statistics
2. View a video clip from http://www.bigpicturesmallworld.com/colleges/changegame.shtml.
3. Students will then hear the presenter’s personal experiences with poverty
4. Question and Answer period
5. Student will be given the opportunity to get involved in poverty eradication.

About the Presenter:

Bartolomeo Misana, the youngest of twelve children in the family, was born in Tanzania. He was the only child in the family to go to college. He interrupted his studies to work so he could build his aging parents a house with a metal roof.  In one year he saved enough money to build a new house for his parents after which he resumed his studies to the priesthood. Misana served for twelve years as a Catholic priest in his country. Feeling he was not giving back enough to his community and country, he went on to work directly in community economic development as an employee of Catholic Relief Services. After twelve years in direct community work, he joined Southern New Hampshire University for a graduate degree in Community Economic Development (CED). 

To Book this, or any GEM program, please email cusimano@chc.edu or call 215-248-1150

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