Educator Resources

Educator Resources

Library of Congress - Using Primary Sources - Teacher Resource Page
Library of Congress - Teaching with Primary Sources Program

Teaching Climate Change and Energy Literacy - Cleanet

Choices Program, Brown University - Teaching with the News
The Choices Program's Teaching with the News initiative provides online curriculum materials and lessons to connect the content of your classroom to the headlines in the news. Topics cover a range of foreign policy and international issues.

Fall 2015 - World's Largest Lesson
Tools for Teaching about the Sustainable Development Goals. Includes Lesson Plans, Comic, and Film.

Educator Guide:
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Introducing the Goals in 60 Minutes:
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Link to film -

A Healthy Start - The Importance of Health
5.9 MB

An Energy Project for the Sustainable Development Goals
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Children's Education - Why are So Many Children Not in School
1.2 MB

Clean Water for All
2.5 MB

Climate Change
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Comic: Chakra The Invincible - a Comic for Gender Equality
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Comic: Heroes for Change
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Energy and the Sustainable Development Goals
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Everyone Wins When Girls Stay in School
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Impact of Pollution on our Planet
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Mission: Gender Equality
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Power of Peace:
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Sustainable Living:
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Working Together to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
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Fall 2014 -
Teaching Guide on ISIS Developed by Choices at Brown University
ISIS A New Threat - Teaching with the News.docx
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Spring 2014 -
Teaching Guide on Boko Haram Developed by the African Studies Center at Boston University. 
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GEM Highlights
Good News Agency
Learn about Positive Efforts Around the World and be Inspired

Lesson Plans on the Sustainable Development Goals -
World's Largest Lesson

Lesson Plans and Resources for Teaching Primary Sources with the Library of Congress
Effects of Armed Conflict on Children

New Distance Learning Program
Live from Ukraine