Customized Programs

Program Title: Customized Programs

Program Presenter: Various

Program Length: Varies from 45 minutes - 3 hours

Program Availability: By Request

About this Program:
Though GEM offers a large variety of ready-made programs, the majority of our programs are customized programs.

These programs hold limitless possibilities, and can include a speaker from the UN, an international exchange, or a visit from a historical figure (William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt, and many more).

Teachers may contact GEM with any type of program request and if it is not a possibility through GEM, we will connect you with a content provider who can meet your classroom need.

To Book this, or any GEM program, please email or call 215-248-1150

Upcoming Events

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Aug 20-24, 2018

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Select Global and Educational Events:

UN DPI NGO Conference Finding Global Solutions to Global Problems

Aug 22-23, 2018

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