Child Soldiers

Program Title: Children in Armed Conflict: Child Soldiers and Child Abductions

Presenter: Denis Okema

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Availability: By Request

About the Program:
This is a highly interactive presentation about the problem of child soldiers in African conflict. Students will learn practical examples drawn from the situation in Uganda, where over 50,000 children were abducted and forced into rebel activities, committing atrocities against their own communities.

This program looks into the contributing factors that allowed this to happen, how these abductions affect the community as a whole, and the long term implications. Roll play activity are an optional part of this program depending on the maturity level of the students.

This presentation was prepared by Denis Fred Okema who has worked extensively as a conflict resolution specialist and a peace builder in Uganda for eight years.

About the Presenter:
Denis Okema is from Gulu, Uganda. Involved in Juba peace talks to stop the civil war in Sudan. Worked with Mercy Corps as a conflict specialist in Sudan and Uganda. He also did consulting for the DANIDA International Development Agency. He also worked for World Vision and ACORD- where is was a youth worker on conflict resolution and peace building. He attended the UNIFAT School in Gulu.

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