Arabs in the Media

Program Title: Arabs in the Media - From Aladdin to Terrorist - The Post 9-11 Shift

Presenter: Abdullah Alsultan

Length: 45-60 minutes
Cost Per Program: $150

Availability: By Request

About the Program:

This program takes a look at the shift in perspectives on Arabs in film and TV in a post 9-11 world.

In the past Arab culture and heritage was an almost farcical caricature, but today characters from the Middle East are pigeon-holed into the role of enemy or terrorist.

Hollywood has a huge influence on how we view different cultures. Consider the Disney classic Aladdin, or TV show I Dream of Jeannie. How were Arabs portrayed? What stereotypes are visible? Today, characters from the Middle East are more often the bad guys. Shows and movies including Always Sunny in Philadelphia, NCIS, American Dad, Good Wife, Sex and the City 2 and many more portray Arabs as the antagonist.
This videoconference will look at both the caricature and the terrorist image and how it affects our views of events and culture in the Middle East.

Participants will:

  •  View clips of several films/shows
  •  Discuss stereotypes seen
  •  Learn the truth behind these stereotypes
  •  Question and answer time

About the Presenter:
Abdullah Alsultan is the Director of GEM Middle East. Abdullah started with GEM in 2014. He is a Saudi National from Riyadh. He has developed several videoconference programs for GEM about his home country and culture. Abdullah is GEM's Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

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