African Folk Tales

Program Title: African Folk Tales 

Presenter: Denis Okema 

Length: 30 - 45 minutes
Cost Per Program: $150

Availability: By Request

About the Program:
Folk stories in Africa are a medium for informal education. It’s the way wisdom is passed on from the older generation to the younger generation. Among the Acholi every evening the children gather firewood to make fire. Elders and children sit around the fire and elders told Folk stories which were passed to them by their elders.

Classes may chose from these traditional tales:
• The story of the lost spear
• Mr. Elephant and the Rabbit
• Monkey and the crocodile
• Lion and Mr. Heir

Uganda is a land-locked country in east central Africa. The population of Uganda is 35 million people (a little lower than the population of California). Agriculture is the main industry in the country, accounting for 80% of the workforce, with coffee being its largest export. The Acholi people live in northern Uganda and number 1.5 million people. Though English is the main language in the country, the Acholi speak Acholi, a dialect of a regional African language called Luo.

Program Format: An action oriented, interactive discussion of a personal poverty experience in the context of poverty as a global issue.
Participants will:
1) The Program begins with introduction of the presenter
2) Presenter shows a brief video clip from Northern Uganda.
3) The presentation will be made on the topic
4) Presenter will interpret lessons from the presentation
5) Question and answer session.

About the Presenter:
Denis Fred Okema, is a Ugandan national. He has worked extensively with different communities in his country Uganda and other African countries such as Rwanda, South Africa and Southern Sudan. His work has been with Non Governmental Organization in the field of Peace Building and Conflict management/Mitigation. Denis has a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies of Makerere University in Kampala and is currently studying Masters of Science in Administration of Human Services at Chestnut Hill College school of Graduate Studies in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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