Abdullah Alsultan

GEM Welcomes Abdullah Alsultan for Fall 2014 Distance Learning Programs

GEM's mission is to bring the world into the classroom. We do this through a variety of means, including our distance learning (videoconference) programs.  GEM has over 30 videoconference programs available to schools and community organizations, and is excited to expand our offerings in 2014-15 to include programs on Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. These programs will give participants first hand information on life, culture, education, and politics in the Middle East. The programs will be presented by Abdullah Alsultan, Political Science major and Saudi Arabian national.

Programs in Development Include:

Saudi Arabia - Myths in the Media - The truth behind the stories in the media 
Education and Gender in Saudi Arabia - Separate Equality
Saudi Arabia – Personal perspectives on the Politics and Culture of a Key Ally in the Middle East

About Abdullah Alsultan:

Abdullah Alsultan is studying Political Science at Chestnut Hill College.  He began his internship at GEM on February 4th for the 2014 spring term.  Part of his work at GEM is to show the world an Arab perspective on education, politics, culture and the role of media in shaping our understanding.  Emphasis will be on Saudi Arabia, where he was born, raised and studied for 12 years.

Abdullah aims to show a broader perspective on how the Arab world looks at Westerners and help students better understand life in the Arab world.  Having lived in two very different cultures helped him understand that large differences between societies or governments does not mean that one  is wrong or bad. As a person who is living between two different countries, cultures and religions, it made him able to understand more the differences and similarities between people.  He believes that education is the solution to make humans understand each other better, especially when they work or play together.

Abdullah's programs have been developed and are available by request via videoconference and online applications.

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