How you can be involved?
Be a champion for the #childrenofsyria, sign the petition today at change.org.

Join the call for action by world leaders demanding:
  • An end to the violence against Syrian children.
  • An end to the blocking of humanitarian aid.
  • An end to attacks on humanitarian workers, schools and hospitals.
  • More investment in education and psychological protection for all children affected.

Facts about Syria
For three years, the #childrenofSyria have experienced the trauma of war. They have had their lives upended, often losing their homes, family members, and friends. The numbers are difficult to comprehend:
  • 5 million children are affected by this crisis. That’s as if children from the 40 largest school districts in the United States had been affected by violence, hunger, or disease.
  • Of those, 1.2 million have been forced to flee the country. Neighboring nations and host communities are struggling to absorb the influx of refugees, often causing a direct impact on their youngest citizens.
  • Nearly 3 million Syrian children are out of school–most for two years now—and growing increasingly vulnerable with each classroom destroyed.

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